Why Blog to Moms?

The answer is very easy: because moms are the revolucionary force in the society! Moms have the power to change behaviors, to empower new habits, to make things happen.
By the way, this site is for everybody that worries about our planet and the life on it in the future. This blog is for people that are wondering what the next generations will have to face. This blog is for people that are thinking what this society is causing to the world and, thus, creating our own destiny.


Even kids are wondering and worring about what world we are leaving for them. When I saw this girl talking at the United Nations Conference in Brazil, I felt obligated to do some thing about it, the mimimum I can do is worry!

But worrying alone does not solve the problem, attitudes will do. Our attitudes regarding the environment have to change, it is not an option! The industrialization, as we know it, is destroying important resources to create an artificial world. But it can be more sustainable! Yes, it can be and it must.


The change will not happen if we keep enabling industrialization to do what it is doing in the way it has been doing it. Let´s strive for a better solution… if not for ourselves, for the next generation.

When Bunker Roy talked about how the women changed the reality in India in a TED conference, I had an eureka moment! Moms and Grammas can do it! They can not only create new paradigms, but also pass them to the new generation. Then an evolution can happen. If the kids are educated with regard to these problemms, they will be a driving force for a bright future. The above video is a great lesson to be learned.


That is why this blog is for Moms! Moms are a big influence!



Our new blog’s address is www.inforensyan.com